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Learning at KACC is not just about earning a degree but about gaining education. Since its inception in 2001, KACC has committed towards bringing its students the benefits of holistic learning with innovative methodology under the most qualified and experienced mentors from around the country. Under its philosophy of "Good to Great", KACC has been at the forefront of providing quality education to its students, promoting best practices that impart a truly global education while preparing young minds for a successful career.

In order to foster a vocational learning environment where learning is not just limited to the classrooms, KACC has engaged actively with the industry to prepare workforce ready graduates. KACC is a pioneer in the region for hosting Campus Business Park. Student campus placements have reinforced KACC's reputation among the top educational institutions in the state.


Pedagogy in education describes the carefully thought-out process a teacher will use to teach their students, taking into account prior learning, classroom context, end goals and more. Pedagogy is often described on a spectrum with teacher-centered pedagogy on the one end, and learner-centered pedagogy on the other..
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Life At KACC

KACC life is the life when you start focusing on your career and become serious towards what you want out of your life? your passion,your dreams. It is the mixture of friends, dramas, emotions, learning. It is the golden phase of your life under which you are going to have so many opportunities to enhance yourself.

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Lala Mathura Das Education Society


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